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The Night of Museums - 2017


Niasvizh Radziwiłł Palace, Music House Classic invite you to celebrate an international event The Night of Museums - 2017

in Niasvizh Radziwiłł Palace on 13 May!

        We invite you to a big night Promenade Around 1920s-1930s Niasvizh. KINEMO, ASTROFIZYKA, JAZZ. During the promenade you’ll find yourselves in West Belarus of the first half of the previous century. You’ll have an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the inter-war life, to learn what Niasvizh Palace and Belarusian towns and villages looked like in those times, to understand what bothered their dwellers.  The master of ceremonies – Viktor  Shalkevich – an actor, poet and entertainer as well as polyglot and musician – will put you in a festive mood and give you surprises. Each year the excursion route on the Night of Museums is a surprise even for the regular visitors of the museum. May13th night is not anexception! You’ll visit the places which are closed for visitors on usual days. The closed doors of the Palace rooms will be hospitably open for you.  And only on this night you will be welcomed by the owners of Niasvizh Palace – Antoni Albrecht Radziwiłł and his daughter Elżbeta. By the way, the real Elżbeta Radziwiłł will turn 100 this year! But on this night you will see a beautiful young girl who came to see her father, having left Paris and London for this. And in the basements of the Palace you will meet a healer and alchemist. Dixieland JuicyJazz headed by a well-known saxophone player will create a festive atmosphere of the evening. The band will perform American and Western European music. The special guests of the event – school of American dance KACHELI – will show how to dance swing, jazz, blues, and will also give a master class and teach the guests of the Promenade to dance foreign dances. In the evening in the inner yard of the Palace you will see a programme from the golden fund of silent films starring the great comic actors – Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. Attention! All the films are accompanied by live music performed by a real ballroom pianist. Further on you’ll see a special exhibition EXPIRIMENTUS with the devices which reveal the essence of various wonderful and beautiful physical events. All the visitors will become the real researchers and discoverers of the unknown.         

        The partner of the event, tourist company Viapol, will check your knowledge on history and geography on an activation platform with an unusual name - "The Great Depression". But don’t be scared! Right there you will get some antidepressants! Also on the programme: a 1931 car, thematical photo zone "Hot air balloon", and a refreshment bar  with sweets and drinks.                     

        This year the theme and style of The Night of Museums in Niasvizh are closely connected with the 1920s-1930s for one more reason.  An extremely interesting big exhibition dedicated to those times is about to open in the Palace ensemble. On the 13th of May you can be the first visitors of the exhibition and plunge into the life of inter-war West Belarus. Coming to the exhibition hall you’ll find yourselves in a city street with a post office, bank, pharmacy, school, and shops. You’ll have an opportunity to drop in at a cinema and a fashion house.

• We invite you to join the creation of the atmosphere of the first half of the previous century during the Promenade. We will be happy if you wear some 1920s-1930s elements of clothing, accessories or hats. It will make you different from the other guests of the event.

• Traditionally make videos about The Night of Museums using any technical device. We are launching a video contest: "My Promenade around 1920s-1930s Niasvizh". The authors of the three most interesting videos will receive gifts from Niasvizh Palace, tourist company Viapol, and Music House Classic. The winners will be determined by voting on the official facebook page of Radziwiłł Palace: https://www.facebook.com/Niasvizh/ from 15 until 25 May 2017. You can send your videos to the following email address: niasvizh.pramenad@gmail.com

Additionalinformation: + 375 17-7020602

Tickets: adult - 16 BYN, children and student - 2 BYN. Tickets are available at kvitki.by and at the ticket-office of the museum-research Niasvizh.