Researcher in the Lens


Photography exhibition Researcher in the Lens in the exhibition hall of the Information and Cash Centre. The photographs in the temporary exposition depict the process of the research work in Corpus Christi Church in Niasvizh in 2016 as part of the cultural heritage protection project of Lithuania and Belarus.

The Radziwiłł crypt contains 72 sarcophagi of the princely family members which makes it the third largest family crypt in Europe after the Bourbon and Habsburg crypts. In the 20th century the crypt was investigated three times – in 1905, 1953, and 1999.  Today there is an acute need for changing the maintenance conditions of the crypt as the tourist flow keeps increasing. According to the statistics the crypt is visited by up to 300 000 tourists a year. It makes it extremely hard to preserve the historic monument in good condition as it is not supposed to be used that way. In 2016 the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Belarus realized the collaborative project “The Investigation and Сonception of the Adaptation for Visiting of the Princes Radziwiłł Tomb in Niasvizh Corpus Christi Church Crypt”according to the Cultural Cooperation Programme between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania in 2016 – 2018. As part of the project a full-scale study of the maintenance and operation conditions of the crypt has been done. Lithuanian and Belarusian specialists have done historical studies, anthropological investigations of the family representatives buried in the sarcophagi of the crypt, the studies of the polychrome paintings on the crypt walls, and an estimate of the temperature and humidity conditions.