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Belarusian Poster Visual Time Code


1 August - 5 November 2017 the exhibition hall of the Information and Cash Center houses an exhibition called Belarusian Poster Visual Time Code from the collection of the Belarusian union of designers. The exhibition will represent posters of different time periods created by Belarusian authors.
Among other kinds of art the poster deserves special attention. Belarusian posters can be found in the largest museums and collections all over the world (the Poster Museum at Wilanów (Warsaw, Poland), the Moravian Gallery (Brno, the Czech Republic), the Louvre (Paris, France), the Poster Museum in Lahti (Finland), the Poster Museum in Toyama, Osaka (Japan), the Smithsonian Institution (the USA) and others). At the same time in Belarus for many people the poster remains a kind of terra incognita. Taking into account this obvious injustice it is worth visiting the exhibition and making sure of the importance and beauty of this kind of art.