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Hunting Picnic in Radziwiłł Palace


National Historical-Cultural Museum and Reserve Niasvizh, and House of Music Classic invite you on 1 October for a Hunting Picnic in Radziwiłł Palace in Niasvizh. All day at court preparations are being made to greet Prince Louis from Monaco. For the dear guest Albrecht Radziwiłł and his daughter Elżbieta have prepared hunting in their forest lands. We will see the meeting of Louis, Prince of Monaco, and Albrecht Radziwiłł. The picnic will take you to the beginning of the previous century. Entourage, music, elements of clothes, and historical sketches which are going to take place – all that is connected with those times.
Like the Radziwiłłs said, "There is time for hunting and time for balls". Festive mood and hunting stories are guaranteed! Special guests - band BEKAS from Drogichin will surprise you with their skills of imitation of birds and animals sounds, and their hunting songs and music as well.
The host of the picnic - outstanding Victor Shalkevich will put you in a better mood with his jokes and musical surprises. Several thematic platforms will work in the inner yard all day, here you will have an opportunity to take a picture in the hot air balloon basket, play and dance with a Smorgon bear from Radziwiłł Academy and do many other things, but we are not going to reveal all the secrets... Intellectual, educational, and entertaining activation platform of the tourist company Viapol won’t allow you to feel bored during the autumn melancholy. And tasting tea drinks from the prince’s table will keep you warm and energetic.  During the excursion to the apartments you will meet Elżbieta Radziwiłł, she’ll tell you hunting stories and legends. You will also drop into a modern exhibition hall to see a retro exhibition dedicated to the life in West Belarus at the beginning of the previous century. On that day the exhibition will be over.
Join us with your families and friends, Niasvizh is always happy to welcome dear guests!
Tickets: adults - 16 BYN, pupils and students - 8 BYN.
Information: +37517 7020602, +37529 5518051, +37529 1903149