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Exposition by Nickolai and Elena Bairachnys


From 30 October 2017 to 4 February 2018, Small Exposition Hall of the Palace Ensemble sector. Exhibition of Costume Dolls and Bronze Indoor Sculptures by Nickolai and Elena Bairachnys

            Minsk artist Elena Kuzminichna Bairachnaya creates dolls in historic costumes. The master demonstrates the way citizens of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, Spanish grandees, and English lords looked like. The author is interested in this particular period as during this period each country had bright distinctive features – looking at the headwear and outfit details one could easily determine the region where they were popular. The dolls are made with scrupulous exactness of historic costume reconstruction, the author makes all the clothes herself, while swords and other weapon for aristocrats are made by her husband, Nickolai Ivanovich. The dolls created by this family are in the regular exposition of Niasvizh castle.

            At the exposition indoor sculptures by Nickolai Bairachny will keep the elegant dolls company. Paying attention to small details the sculptor creates  fascinating toys which are worth long and attentive examination, revealing the most unexpected secrets. Being a highly professional specialist Nickolai studies antique books with engravings in order to create certain elements and find the necessary shoe style. As a result these exceptional works not only exist but dominate over all the other objects.

            Creative work of this family is remarkable for the high quality of their works and the diversity of subjects.

            Entrance tickets – 2 BYN (Pupils and students – 1 BYN).

            The exhibition is open from 9:00 to 18:00; tickets are available at the museum ticket-office until 17:00.

            Visitors who want to see the exhibition only don’t need to buy the entrance ticket to the Palace and Park Ensemble. It’senoughtohaveatickettotheexhibition.