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Exhibition project The Duet


21 December -30 January, the Information and Cash Centre hall. Exhibition project The Duet presents works by two masters of vycinanka Natalia Hamayunava and Alena Shalima.

Alena Shalima is the kind of person who loves and understands nature, is interested in history, culture, and architecture. Alena has been drawing since she was a kid. She is good at taking pictures. She also paints ceramic and glass. All these abilities and hobbies are united harmoniously in the art of vycinanka. It is a really great creative idea of the master – to turn to Belarusian mythology. She was the first to work with this layer of the national culture. The poetry of the people’s view of life, understanding of the “character” of the numerous pagan gods, that used to fill the rural life until recently, turned out to be in tune with the master’s character. Her house spirits, forest deities, field deities, courtyard deities, swamp deities and even werewolves look nice, kind-hearted, and“human” as if they are the kind defenders of the village dwellers.

Natalia Hamayunava has been making vycinanki since 2000. Since 2002 she has been a friend of the Belarusian Union of Folk Art Masters. The master has been in love with her native land since childhood. This love and her fascination with the harmony of the world make her creative images distinct. Except for the traditional black colour the master of tenturnstoothercolours whichexpressherideain the best way.

The cherisheddreamof the participants of the exhibition project is to see that vycinanka has found its place of honour among other creations of the folk decorative and applied arts, as well as in our every day life; to see that it pleases the eye and warms people’s hearts.