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Museum-reserve “Niasvizh” presents “Priencely treasures”


Do you know something about the forefather of modern expo? Maybe you are wonder how a fig leaf saved a high senses of London ladies in the early twentieth century? Welcome to us! Museum and educative classes at the Palace ensemble opens the box of treasures of London museum.

Stuff of the museum-reserve “Niasvizh” decided to take their guests closer to the British Treasury – The Victoria and Albert Museum (www.vam.ac.uk) – and its collections of the masterpiece. A series of museum and educational activities were prepared. We invite you to become the next to look into the exciting world of art. Classes are held in the conference hall of the Palace ensemble. We produce a multimedia presentation and sociable, energetic storyteller for you. 45 students may be present in the conference room simultaneously. Courses offered:

1. “Pearl of London: The Victoria and Albert Museum”

2. “English Victorian Life”

3. “Sculpture in The Victoria and Albert Museum”

To sign up for a classes you need to call: 5-51-81 or 5-31-96. Also for some more information on the activities of the museum-reserve please use our official site www.niasvizh.by.