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Read if you organize an excursion at museum-reserve “Niasvizh”


Administration of the museum-reserve “Niasvizh” had to inform about a new order of application submission. On December of 2012, you should submit your applications for excursion service at Palace Ensemble and The Town Hall for groups of people paying in account should be made in written form using fax or e-mail.

If you going to submit an application for December you’d better make it from 1 to 23 of November. Examinations of an applications continuing during 3 work days. Accepted application can be approved or disapproved by client not later than in term of 2 work days before visit at the museum-reserve “Niasvizh”.

You can get more information and make an application using the next phone numbers:
8(01770) 5-51-81
8(01770) 5-31-96
8(01770) 2-06-02

For on-line booking use: excursions@niasvizh.by.