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"Classic Avantgarde" in Niasvizh


The 2nd and 3th of January at 14:00, Theatre Hall of the Palace Ensemble

Repertoire of "Classic Avantgarde" consists of different styles and genres of music from different eras.
This old Belarusian musician, and European classics XVII-XX centuries, masterpieces of Russian classical music, the vanguard of the early XX century, the works of contemporary composers. In the team there are 18 professional musicians, most of them - winners of prestigious national and international contests for solo instruments. Permanent artistic director and conductor of the ensemble is Vladimir Biden. Ensemble "Classic Avantgarde" quickly gained popular and now it is one of the leading teams in the instrumental staff of music in Belarus.

1.Matey Radziwill (1751 - 1800) "March"
2.Yan David Galland (1746 - 1827) "Play cards or harmonious conversation"
3.Yan Vladislav Dusek (1760 - 1812). Suite "Christmas Medley", processing by Edward Girdo
4.Kiprian Basilik (about 1535 - after 1600), "Christian Song"
5.Vatslav Szamotuł (1526 - 1568) "Prayer, when the kids go to bed ..."
6.Suite "Christmas Day", processing by Edward Girdo

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