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Museum Night-2013 in Niasvizh Castle


The Radziwill Palace in Niasvizh opens its secrets! Only for one unforgettable night on May, 10 the legends of an ancient castle will revive. Incarnation of romantic legends of Radziwill’s Niasvizh will appear before the audience in sceneries of princely chambers. Celebrate the Night of Museums with us and join the all-time performance!

The program is designed so that you can visit all parts of the Palace ensemble. You will find a fascinating journey through the history of Nesvizh, castle, kind of Prince Radziwill, tour of the underground passage, get choreographic and musical gifts from the ensemble "Khoroshki" and enjoy theater of the shadows and fire show!

Tickets costs: 150 000 for adults and 120 000 for students. Phone numbers for contact: +375 1770 020602, +375 29 5518051, +375 29 1903149. Tickets are also available on web-site KVITKI.BY