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The exhibition “The Radziwill’s book heritage”


From April 12 to May 12, 2013 in Niasvizh Palace ensemble the exhibition “The Radziwill’s book heritage” will held. 90 rare books from the family library returns to the walls of the former residence of the “uncrowned kings” for some time. The project is organized in cooperation with the National Library of Belarus and the Central Scientific Library of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (hereinafter – CSL NAS).

Principle the books are placed on display remained unchanged ever since in the XVI century when the Razivill’s library first mentioned. There are 7 departments with the most striking instances of books from Niasvizh library on history, theology, law, science, literature, works made by Radziwill and about Radziwill. The exhibition is supplemented portraits of representatives of a noble family from the collection of the museum-reserve “Niasvizh”.

On April 12 the opening ceremony will be held. Ceremony will include a presentation of the catalog “Library of Radziwill’s of Niasvizh ordination”. The catalog includes a complete description of editions of XVII century from Radziwill’s book collection.