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The exhibition "National doll as amulet"


From April, 21 to May, 25 in the Small Exhibition Hall of The Palace Ensemble of the XVI - XIX centuries in Niasvizh, starts the exhibition "National doll as amulet" takes place.

Since ancient times, dolls were considered to be strong magical things capable to bring good luck and to protect against evil and fulfill all wishes. On the exhibition you can see the unique traditional Belarusian toys and dolls, which are made of straw, clay, willow, wood, dough, scraps, and skin grafts. They comprehensively reflect the culture of the belarussian people, at the same time they are understandable and accessible to both adults and children.

We invite you to visit this unique exhibition.

Ticket Price: 10,000 rubles. Telephones: 8 (01770) 20602, 8 (01770) 20660, + 375 295 518 051.