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The exhibition «An open letter»


From November 27 to December 21 in the Exhibition hall of the Ticket office an exhibition of paintings by Irina Yasyukayt-Dudarava and Tatsiana Grynevich is on.

"Each painting is like a letter, a message that we read according to our associative, life experience. This can be an emotion, a condition, a thought, a feeling, a recognizable image, a memory … «An open letter» is a forgotten form of communication. In the olden days, people sent their photo or the image of the town and on the other side they wrote a little letter. Our exhibition is a variation of the "open letter", an attempt to communicate with the audience through our works, using visual images through color, line, stain ... ".
Irina Yasyukayt-Dudarava and Tatsiana Grynevich.