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"Maria Dorothea Radziwill"


International exhibition project

"Maria Dorothea Radziwill. Time of a cultural renaissance"

On May 15 at the Grand Exhibition Hall of the Palace ensemble starts international exhibition project dedicated to the 175th anniversary of  birth of Maria Dorothea de Castellane Radziwill.  Dorothea  Duchess Maria Radziwill from the French family Castellans  belongs to the most outstanding personalities of modern European history. Brilliant aristocrat,  known public figure, a wise reformer  of  her many possessions Maria Dorothea  made a significant contribution to the cultural and political life of France, Germany, Poland, Russia in the XIX-XX th centuries. More than thirty years of her life were dedicated to the restoration and arrangement of the Nesvizh Palace. Thus moment began the era of cultural renaissance of Nesvizh palace and the city.

The exhibition will feature objects from the collections of Matei Radziwill (Poland) and Madame Nicole Pasquier (France), SI "National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Niasvizh", Central Scientific Library named after J. Kolas of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the National Library and private collections.

Phone numbers :  +375 17 70 20602, + 375 29 551 80 51 (MTS), + 375 29 190 31 49 (Vel)