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Тhe exhibition "Traces of history"


On June 19, in gallery of “The sector of the excursion and the information activities” has been opend the exhibition of works by young artists from the collection of the plein-air contest, named by Mikhail Sevruk "Traces of history".

This year, the VII plein-air collected and united about 50 participants: the most talented and active young artists aged from 6 to 17 years and their teachers and parents. Large and small schools of our republic are represented at the exhibixion: Vitebsk, Novopolotsk, Soligorsk, Slutsk, Nesvizh, Smolevichy, Kletsk, Stolbtsy, Kopyl, Snov art schools, as well as students of art studios of Bobruisk and Mozyr.

Plein-air was devoted to a memorable historical and cultural events, to Nesvizh, to Radziwills and particulary to life and activity of Maria de Castellane. The result of the contest was interesting works, which are aveileble everyone visiting the exhibition.

Phone numbers : +375 17 70 20602; +375 29 551 80 51 (MTS); +375 29 190 31 49 (Vel).