UNESCO photo contest


UNESCO is excited to announce the launch of the #Unite4Heritage Photo and Story Contest, with some great prizes to be won, including a Canon EOS DSLR camera and publication in World Heritage Review!

As we are sure you are aware, #Unite4Heritage is a global initiative that aims to respond to the unprecedented recent attacks on cultural diversity and heritage. Launched by the Director-General of UNESCO in March and focused especially on young people, it seeks to build an alternative narrative to extremist propaganda – one based upon messages of unity, tolerance and solidarity.

As part of building this narrative, we want to encourage people to share their photos of their favourite heritage sites, objects and cultural traditions on social media, and talk about why they are important.

This contest involves the submission of photographs that illustrate the significance of cultural heritage, accompanied by a short description of around 50 words explaining why this heritage is important for the photographer and what is his or her relationship with it (Entries).

The description may be submitted in any UN language (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese). The contest is free of charge.
There is no registration. Entry is determined by the posting of the photo with accompanying story to either Facebook or Instagram and tagging it with the #Unite4Heritage hashtag. To be eligible, Facebook Entries MUST be set as ‘Public’ so that they are visible to UNESCO.
Entries must be submitted to Facebook or Instagram before 18 August 2015 at 17:00 Paris time (GMT + 1). Entries published after the established deadline shall not be considered.

You can find further information there: http://www.unite4heritage.org/contest.php

Museum-reserve encourage You to take part in this contest with images of our Palace that is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Let’s promote our Heritage together!