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The exhibition "Talking Machine"


From August, 24 to October,4  visitors of the Small exhibition hall have an opportunity to get acquainted with a collection of phonographs, gramophones and records of late 19th - early 20th century from a private collection of Igor Borisevich.

It is well known, that the history of sound recording has begun in 1877, thanks to Thomas Edison. In his diaries, Thomas Edison, the inventor of the phonograph - the world's first device for recording and playback of the sound, - recalls: "One day when I was working on improving the phone, I started to sing  above the  phone diaphragm  (thin steel plate), which has been soldered to the needle. Thanks to shaking of the plate, the needle pricked my finger, that got me thinking. If it were possible to record these fluctuations of the needle, and then to move a needle on a record again, it will talk? Here's the story: if I did not prick your finger – there was no phonograph invention!".

These and many other things you will learn if you will  visit the exhibition "Talking Machine".