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Princely congratulations


During pre-holiday spring days on March 6-7 Museum-Reserve Niasvizh invites you to an excursion programme with musical and theatrical performances. It’s dedicated to a landmark figure in Niasvizh history - Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł the Orphan - the founder of the Niasvizh Fee Tail, an outstanding statesman and military leader of the Great Duchy of Lithuania. Being the owner of Niasvizh, Mikołaj Krzysztof Radziwiłł invited Giovanni Maria Bernardoni, the Italian architect, to the town. Thanks to Bernardoni, Baroque architecture appeared in Niasvizh: the first Baroque Catholic church in Eastern Europe, the Town Hall, monasteries and the Palace. You’ll learn about it all during the performance!
Pleasant surprises and unforgettable impressions are waiting for you!

Entrance ticket to the Palace Ensemble on March 6-7 is 65 000 roubles for pupils and students; 130 000 roubles for adults.

Also, on March 7, at 4.20 p.m. in the Theatre Hall of the Palace – the first theatrical quest Secrets and Mysteries of Radziwiłł Palace.
Ticket to the quest is 260 000 roubles.

Visitors with tickets to the quest can see the Palace exposition before the quest, without buying an additional ticket.

Information desk: +375177020602, +375295518051; +375291903149