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The international conference ...


October, 5-6, 2016
The National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Niasvizh"
announces the international conference
"Women in the history of the Radziwill Family"

For centuries, the house of Radziwill played an exceptional role in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Radziwills held major state positions, owned considerable land latifundia, commanded armies, were engaged in arts patronage. Today, talking about this house first of all men are under consideration - landowners, politicians and warlords. But there were ladies from the Radziwills and related families who left traces in history. It’s difficult to imagine the Radziwills’ history without Anna Kiszka, Barbara Radziwill, Catherine Radziwill (born Sobieski), Anna Katarzyna Radziwill (born Sanguszko), Franciszka Urszula Radziwill (born Wisniowiecki). Ladies founded monasteries and churches, organized theaters, restored palaces and established manufactures. To explore various aspects of "women's history" of the Radziwills the conference is planned.

Conference areas of interest:
- Marriage and extramarital relationships of the Radziwills - social, legal and cultural aspects.
- The tradition of family life and upbringing of children in the magnates’ families of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
- Women as managers of family assets - economic, legal, interpersonal features.
- Marriage and throne: the Radziwills’ dynasty relations with the rulers of the Commonwealth.
- The tradition of philanthropy and enlightenment in the family Radziwill family (for example, women).
- Persons and destinies of Niasvizh ordinates’ wives.
- The image of women in the memoirs of the XVIII - XIX centuries.
- Women of the Radziwill family in historiography: achievements and prospects of research.

We invite historians, art historians, history anthropologists, museum specialists and all researchers interested in announced areas.
Working languages: Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish (English as an exception, because of technical reasons).
The application should contain the name, surname, academic degree, employer (institution), contact information (telephone numbers and e-mail). The organizing committee possess the right to select applications. Early applications are strongly encouraged.

Deadline for submission is the 31st of August 2016.

Conference Registration Form

For additional information please write on announced e-mails or call: +375177055273 (Zmicier Jackiewič, Deputy Director for Science State "National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Niasvizh"); + 375177054281 (Andrej Bliniec, Head of the department for scientific & exposition work).