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Inspiration. Architecture sketches


        19  October - 4 December 2016, exhibition hall of the excursion and information activity sector, exhibition by Marina Konovalova. Exhibition Inspiration. Architecture sketches – it’s a series of line drawings drawn from life inspired by the architectural motifs of various historical places.

      The exhibition is, in the first place, the love for the ancient home town expressed in creation, the love for the rhythm of lines of Niasvizh amazing architectural monuments which keep striking the imagination making learn the history of the outstanding early baroque monuments in Belarus and affecting the perception of history during short and long journeys.

        The woks are made in pastels, soft graphic material which makes it possible to finish up the drawing in one session keeping the lightness of the impression. The technique shows the elegance of the lines, the softness of the colour spots and textures, and at the same time builds the composition fast and accurately, with no corrections. Pastels convey the impressions from life without going deep into detail and realism.

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