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New Year Celebrations at Radziwiłł Palace


      How to begin the New Year? Right, with visiting the Radziwiłłs! During the first days of the New Year 2017, 2 - 8 January, Radziwiłł Palace in Niasvizh invites the highly respected guests to plunge into the atmosphere of celebrations and festivities of the 18th century. Next year the Palace celebrates the anniversary of Niasvizh owner, hetman of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, prince Michał Kazimierz Radziwiłł “Rybeńko”, and from the very first days of 2017 invites you to get to know the prince and all his extraordinary family. 
      Fascinating surprises and holiday festivities are waiting for the guests. In the central yard – a trained bear of the circus school of Smorgon Radziwiłł bear academy, and street palace games by the New Year tree.
In the Palace every guest can meet Michał Kazimierz  “Rybeńko’s” family members: his wife, princess Franciszka Urszula from Wiśniowiecki family,  and their children, prince Karol Stanisław “My Dear Sir”, the son, and Theofilia, the daughter. The hosts have prepared warm, bright, and joyous surprises, presents, and congratulations for all the guests. Unforgettable impressions are waiting for the young guests as well. A children’s workshop has been created in the Palace, where children can paint a palace gift with their own hands and keep it. During prince “Rybeńko’s” times Niasvizh was called “the small Versailles”. On the festive days we’ll take you all to those times!
      A pleasant surprise is waiting for all the lovers of active rest: an additional quest on the 3rd of January! You can buy the tickets beforehand at   http://www.kvitki.by/ru/event/38203 or on the day of the quest at the museum ticket-offices.
      Music, jokes, games, and surprises will give you bright emotions, energize you, and leave you with many warm memories of the Palace journey!
     Musicians, dancers, and actors of House of Music Classics, аs well as the museum workers and the guests of the Palace will take part in the interactive events.