Our sightseeing tour The Radziwills' residence construction history

“The Radziwills built for centuries to come” ... The phrase is often heard in the historic part of Nesvizh. More than 400 years ago, an impregnable castle was built here. Our guide will reveal to you the secrets of the 16th-century architects, and tell you about the construction of underground tunnels intended for the fortress garrison. You should see unique photographs of archaeological excavations on the castle premises.

The tour will start near the entrance gate decorated with the family crest of the House of Radziwill, and continue along the ‘dam’ road between the ponds towards Western Bastion and Theatre Meadow. The tour will end in the central courtyard of the Palace Ensemble.

Duration: 45 min
Languages: Belarusian, Russian
Costs: entrance ticket + guided tour service.