Quest «The old keeper’s secrets» — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

Quest «The old keeper’s secrets»

Quest «The old keeper’s secrets»

Do you lack adventures? If your answer is yes, hurry up to the Town Hall to touch the «live history» and reveal all the secrets. You will not only play an exciting game, but also try yourselves in the role of Niasvizh magistrate officials.

You will have an opportunity:

  • to feel like real explorers;
  • get to know the Town Hall;
  • learn about the function of old objects and find out the meaning of old words;
  • learn a lot of new interesting facts;
  • get a lot of pleasant emotions and impressions... The most active and smartest participants will be awarded prizes!

For more detailed information contact us:

8(01770)25283; 8(01770)22147

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