National Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve Niasvizh
19, Leninskaya str., Niasvizh. 222603

Ticket office
Ticket office is open: seven days a week from 9.00 to 18.00.
Address: 1, Heysika str., Niasvizh.
Tel.: (01770) 20602, (01770) 20660; +375 29 5518051, Cell.+375 29 1903149.

Scientific Excursion Department Town Hall
Address: 3, Savetskaya str., Niasvizh.

Children’s Education Centre
Address: 3, Savetskaya str., Niasvizh (the building of the Town Hall).

Scientific Excursion Department Palace Ensemble
Address: Niasvizh, Palace Ensemble.

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