Town Hall — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»
Town Hall

Town Hall

Entrance ticket:
Adults 3,00 BYN
Pupils and students 
1,50 BYN
Preferential visit day (the third Monday of each month) 1,00 BYN
Preferential visit day for pupils and students (the third Monday of each month) 0,50 BYN
Excursion service of the regular exposition in the Town Hall
*carried out on the basis of Article 186 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Culture
Group up to 25 persons in duration 45 minutes 6,50 BYN
Group up to 35 persons in duration 45 minutes 9,80 BYN
Theatrical congratulations «Wedding  in the Town Hall» 250,00 BYN
A museum and pedagogical class (group up to 25 persons in duration 45 minutes) 3,00 BYN
Interactive lesson «Museum Alphabet» (group up to 25 persons) 5,50 BYN
GAME «A WALK AROUND THE OLD TOWN HALL» (group up to 5 persons) 5,00 BYN
QUEST «THE OLD KEEPER’S SECRETS» (group up to 25 persons)
20,00 BYN
Multimedia project «Women in the history of the Radziwill Family» 10,00 BYN
Museum lecture (group up to 25 persons in duration 45 minutes) 3,00 BYN
Audio guide
*it is issued on presentation of identity documents
2,20 BYN
Theatrical performance «Greeting in the Town Hall» (pre-booking not later than 1 week in advance, not accepted for weekends and holidays, а as well as for days  with free entrance) 30,00 BYN