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Birthday parties at the Town Hall!

Children's birthdays are special holidays. Children believe in fairy tales, miracles, in fair princesses and brave knights, wicked and kind wizards. If your little child dreams of playing the role of a medieval protector, and a little princess wants to turn into a beautiful lady, and you don't know how and where to organize a holiday for your little fidgets and their guests, we will be happy to help you!

The festive program includes:

  • Initiation into young ladies / knights of the Radziwill Court in the historical Town Hall;

  • Festive lunch at the cafe Salodkaya Batleika on the ground floor of the Town Hall;

  • Games, contests, competitions and many more entertainments;

  • Prizes and gifts;

  • Discos

Participants’ age range: 6-11 years old

Number of participants: up to 12 people

Duration: 120 min

Price: 60.00 BYN

Upon prior request only

Inquiries by phone: +375177023955, +375177025283

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