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Night tour

Night tour

Niasvizh Radziwiłł Palace is the most visited tourist object in our country. Thousands of tourists come here to see the luxurious halls. The evening comes and the daily bustle gives way to evening lights, mysteries, and ... legends come to life! Everything becomes different when the night comes. A lot of adults as well as children dream of staying in the castle after it is closed. The workers of the museum and research have found an opportunity to fulfil these dreams! A tour of the night palace will leave an unforgettable impression! By the way, you can learn what the professionals think about it if you watch the video below.

The new excursion A Night Tour of the Radziwiłł Castle will be available since 1-st October till the end of March only! What mysteries are hidden in one of the most stunning palaces of the Radziwiłł family? Will you be lucky enough to see the Black Lady, the famous ghost, whose sudden appearance in the halls of the castle often scared the people? Welcome to the unique night tour of the Radziwiłł Palace with family and combined groups (12+). (One excursion group — not more than 12 persons, 36 participants maximum, the group is divided into subgroups).

Inquiries and booking: 8 (01770) 20-6-02, 51-4-36. Prebooking is necessary. Please, contact us a week before the visit at the latest!

For your convenience we offer a stay at a cosy holiday cottage not far from the castle.

The visitors who have booked the excursion get a 20% discount on staying at the Palace Hotel: 8 (01770) 5 96 75. And also a 10% discount on dinner at the Hetman restaurant. Please, contact us to make an order: 8 (029) 385 92 39.