Museum and educational classes

Museum-reserve "Niasvizh" actively develops museum education. Classes for students are held on the basis of the Palace ensemble for a full year. Students learn about the history of the Radziwiłł’s family, Niasvizh and get broad knowledge in culture and art.

It is a good tradition to organize educational classes dedicate to major exhibition projects of the Museum-reserve "Niasvizh" such as the exhibition "Priencely treasures: European masterpieces 1600–1800" from the museum The Victoria and Albert Museum (London); clock exhibition of XVII–XIX centuries "The Time Travel ". All the lectures are designed and hosted by researchers of the museum. You can choose the most interesting theme for your own classes.

Please, use preliminary registration. Tel. 801770 20602, +37529 5518051, +37529 1903149.