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Slutsk Gate opening ceremony

The presentation of the exposition of the Slutsk Gate will be an 30th of June, 2012

The Slutsk gate exhibition opening

The ceremonial opening of the Slutsk gate exhibition happened on June, 30, 2012. The interior view of the Roman Catholic chapel has been restored on the second floor, religious buildings Radziwills are represented there on the electronic media. The solemnity of discovery led by: Head of the...

QR technologies in Niasvizh

Niasvizh became one of the first cities in Belarus to introduce new technologies of QR codes. The main purpose of the project was to extend tourist attractiveness of the city and to provide easily available information about cultural and historical objects in several languages. The project was...

The prices for services сhanged

Dear visitors! On January 10, 2013 changes for some services of the museum-reserve “Niasvizh” becomes effective. Please, use special section of our web-site “Prices for services” for your own comfort.

The gates open! You are welcome!

Recall that on June 30, 2012 the opening ceremony of the exhibition in the Slutsk gate was carried out. On the second floor the interior of the Roman Catholic chapel is renovated: the altar with a copy of the image of the Mother of God from Bialynichi and a wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ...