Christmas Days in Radziwiłł Palace — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

Christmas Days in Radziwiłł Palace

The Museum and Reserve Niasvizh and Music House Classic start a winter season of interactive music and theatre programmes for history lovers and fascinating holiday!  

The host of Niasvizh Palace, Karol Stanisław Radziwiłł, known as Panie Kochanku (My Dear Sir), is getting ready to welcome the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislaw August Poniatowski.

All the Radziwiłłs’ guests will see the real events that took place in Niasvizh with their own eyes: they will welcome the famous Panie Kochanku (My Dear Sir), his sister Teofilia and the court composer Yan David Holand.  

The history of Belarus comes alive in the spectacular palace and its unique collections! 

At the beginning of January 2019 you’ll have an opportunity:

  •  To take part in the preparations for the visit of the king of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Stanislaw August Poniatowski.        

  • To see the knight armour and collection of weapon of the Great Duchy of Lithuania times, to hold in your own hands and look more closely at its most interesting objects.    

These and much more surprises are expecting you on Christmas days in one of the most beautiful historical places of Belarus! For more information and excursion booking contact us at: + 375-1770-206-02, + 375-29-551-80-51, + 375-29-190-31-49.

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