The Lithuanian-Belarusian project «The Dukes Radziwills' heritage preservation and adaptation for tourism in Kedainiai and Nesvizh»

According to the results of the 1st call for project proposals of the ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus 2014-2020, the Lithuanian-Belarusian project ENI-LLB-1-109 «The Dukes Radziwills’ heritage preservation and adaptation for tourism in Kedainiai and Nesvizh» received a grant.


The project’s objective is the creation of sustainable and efficiently managed heritage sites to increase the flow of tourists, which will have a direct impact on the economies of both regions. The project promotes cooperation between the two regions, which are united by the history of the House of Radziwill.

The cooperation between the Regional Museum in Kedainiai and the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve in Nesvizh can be regarded as setting up a tourist cluster of cultural values, it will contribute to historical research, arranging research conferences, exchange of exhibitions, developing new tourist routes, etc.

The budget for the joint project is set at € 726,703.76., €63 000 was allocated to the Museum-Reserve Niasvizh.

90% of the grant amount is funded by the EU, 10% will be funded from its beneficiaries’ co-financing split proportionally to the beneficiaries’ shares in the grant.

Timeframe for project implementation: 2018-2020

This project is funded by the European Union.

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