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Museum yearbook acta anniversaria

In 2018 the National Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve Niasvizh is preparing the fifth edition of the yearbook Acta Anniversaria for publication.

Plans are to cover a large number of issues on its pages: research works, development works, findings in the museum industry, history of the Radziwiłł family, Niasvizh fee tail and Niasvizh itself, museology, art history, historiography, bibliography, source study, archaeography , genealogy, and other special historical disciplines, and also post information about the work of the museum and reserve.

The edition is intended for historians, museologists, regional specialists, and to those interested in the history of Belarus.

The yearbook accepts articles up to 40 000 characters, publications of documentary sources — up to 60 000 characters.

The topics of the articles are as follows: scientific research of the Radziwiłłs’ heritage — economy, politics, culture, genealogy and heraldry, the destiny of the Radziwiłłs’ collections; the magnates’ castles and country estates; history of privately owned cities; documents from the Radziwiłłs’ archives; memoirs about the Radziwiłłs and Niasvizh; museology — educational activity, problems of the exhibits attribution, museum and pedagogical activity, exhibition activity, problems of the monuments protection.

The articles must be typed in 14 pt size Times New Roman, 1.5 line spacing, upper and lower margins 2 cm each, left 3 cm, right 1,5 cm.

The article is accompanied by 100 — 150 words annotations in Belarusian (рэзюмэ), Russian (резюме), and English (summary). The bibliographic list is made according to section 5 of the Instruction for writing dissertations and abstracts (Executive order of the Higher Attestation Committee of the Republic of Belarus № 3 of 28 February 2014, changes of 8 September 2016)

The authors are personally responsible for the credibility of the materials and references, and also for submitting previously published articles or articles accepted by other print publications.

The authors should indicate their last name, first name, middle name, scientific degree, academic title, the name of the institution they represent, contact numbers and e-mail.

The articles are accepted at: 19, Ul. Leninskaya, Niasvizh, Minskaya obl, Belarus,222603


Information: + 375177024281 Andrei Blinets, senior researcher of the National Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve Niasvizh.

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