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Special exhibition

Special exhibition

A special exhibition of works by the Belarusian master of stone processing art O.V. Popelsky was presented on November 27 to visitors in the smaller exhibition hall of the Palace Ensemble, it is dedicated to the Belarusian relic of the Wonderworking Icon of Our Lady of Zhirovichi.

The Icon of Our Lady of Zhirovichi is among the most famous and worshipped icons in the world. It is the smallest of the worshipped icons of the Mother of God.

The exhibition presents more than 70 versions of the widely known iconographic image of the Zhirovichi icon in various stone processing art techniques of natural stones: marble, onyx, travertine, and quartzite. All items are religious objects, icons that were consecrated and created by the blessing of the Orthodox Church.

The exhibition presents the brightest part of the incredible collection of icons in stone, created in Belarus, which has no equal in any country in the world. The Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavl stood at the origins of the creation of the first stone icon, when he was the Right Reverend of Borisov and Maryinogorsk.

The presented exhibition of icons made of stone is a rare event in the world of traditional icons. An in-depth understanding of the image and the project author Oleg Popelski's innovation led to a new, original vision of images expanding the idea of icons.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until November 18, 2024.


Entrance fees:

individual visit for an adult – 7 Belarusian roubles;

individual visit for 2 adults (a mini-group) – 10.5 Belarusian roubles;

schoolchildren, students, pensioners – 3.50 Belarusian roubles.

Admittance to the exhibition is possible without purchasing a ticket to the permanent exhibition of the Palace Ensemble.

Tickets are available at the ticket offices of the Museum-Reserve.


Working hours:

in winter time (from October 1 to April 30) from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

in the summer time (from May 1 to September 30) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.


For more information, please call:

+375 1770 20602,+375 1770 20660;

mob.: +375 29 551 80 51, +375 29 569 29 59, +375 29 190 31 82.

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