The temporary exhibition Colors of the Earth — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

The temporary exhibition Colors of the Earth

The temporary exhibition Colors of the Earth

From August 3 to September 30 the Information and Ticket Center of the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve Niasvizh presents the temporary exhibition of Leonid Gomonov's works Colors of the Earth. The exhibition presents works of a picturesque landscape genre.

Looking into the past or the future, the artist reflects reality, feels free to indulge his fantasy, and sometimes transforms colors into moods. The artistic world of Leonid Gomonov amazes with its richness and palette. That is why his works, which are presented at this temporary exhibition, allow you to enjoy unique landscapes. Roads, sky, clouds are important details in the composition, reflecting the depth and spaciousness of the landscape. Using natural lighting, the artist conveys all the beauty of the air-light environment that surrounds him and gives the viewer aesthetic pleasure.

Visitors will see all this palette of colors at the exhibition: opening hours - from 9.30 to 18.30. Admission is free!

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