Our sightseeing tour Archive and Library — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»
Our sightseeing tour Archive and Library

Our sightseeing tour Archive and Library

Hic mortui vivunt, hic mutic loquntur – Here the dead live, here the mute speak. What mysterious meaning did this saying have for our ancestors? Why did they store and study the evidence of different eras, for many centuries, and were proud of it?

What will remain after you?

- Documents bearing your name that are no longer relevant: your birth certificate, school and other certificates, etc.; your old letters, greeting cards, photographs, memoirs and the like. Many are skeptical that their lives deserve historical memories. Nonetheless, hundreds of years later, historians would be interested in your biography, just as nowadays, experts are studying the archives and collections of the Radziwills, still making unique discoveries.

The tour includes visiting the rooms on the second floor of the gallery, located above the entrance gate. You will have a chance to become acquainted with the texts of testaments, wills and the property registers of the former owners of the castle, and rare archival photographs.