Our sightseeing tour Historic Old Town — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»
Our sightseeing tour Historic Old Town

Our sightseeing tour Historic Old Town

Walking along the quiet and pleasant streets, you should make a virtual journey through the centuries. You are going to learn how Nesvizh, a hamlet, located in a swampy area, turned into a town referred to as Little Warsaw. The tour begins at the central square, presenting the history of the oldest surviving Town Hall, in Belarus, and its retail shops. Then, you are going to take a walk to the 18th-century town gate, where our guide will tell you what the guardhouse was intended for and why those, who entered the medieval town, paid a ‘stone tax’. The story of the seizure of Gibraltar in Nesvizh should surprise, delight and amuse you. The tour will end near the 16th-century Corpus Christi church.

Duration: 45 min
Languages: Belarusian, Russian
Costs: guided tour service.