Radziwill Palace museum sightseeing tour — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»
Radziwill Palace museum sightseeing tour

Radziwill Palace museum sightseeing tour

Possession of a castle has always been a dream among the noble class. Why then, the castle's owner Nicholas Christopher Radziwill,‘the Orphan’, was absent from the town at the moment of the foundation of his impregnable fortress? That kind of the Prince's approach to the event he considered important, definitely requires explanation.

The Radziwills' residence had periods when it fell into decades of long oblivion, and later resurrection, like the Phoenix. Our professional guide will help you understand the reasons for those ups and downs.

In addition, you will see the regal luxury of the palace rooms, various collections, and secret corridors.

Does that sound interesting? Make up your mind to come visit the Radziwills!.

  • You will hear a story about the Radziwills’ portrait gallery and numerous collections. 
  • You will see preserved fireplaces, wall paneling, columns, and stucco molding, as well as the objects that used to belong to the palace’s owners. The documentary photographs from the Radziwills’ family album will serve as the evidence.
  • You will learn about the unpredictable, sometimes insidious, fate of the Niasvizh ordinates.
  • You will be told about the modern descendants of the Radziwills and their views on the restoration of the family nest.

You can book a tour by calling:
8 (01770) 20602, 8 (01770) 20660; +375 29 5518051, +375 29 1903149,

as well as via e-mail: excursions@niasvizh.by

Duration: 1 h 45 min
Languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, Polish, German
Costs: entrance ticket + guided tour service.

Organizational highlights:
Meals: “The Palace Cafe”, restaurant “Hetman” (in the central courtyard)
Souvenirs: can be purchased at the gift shop on the ground floor or at the shop “Kredens” (a former wine cellar of the 16th century, in the central courtyard)
Photo shooting: is welcome! And do not forget to share your photos with us by sending them via e-mail to niasvizh.by@gmail.com Your best photos and videos will be published on the official pages of the Museum-Reserve on social networks (with credits to you in the description).
Professional photo and video shooting is allowed only with the permission of the administration of the Museum-Reserve. 
Pets are not allowed in the Palace!
For more details about visiting the Museum-Reserve please click HERE..