GRAND KIRMASH in the Radziwill Palace — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

GRAND KIRMASH in the Radziwill Palace

September 14 — 15
GRAND KIRMASH in the Radziwill Palace
GRAND KIRMASH will take place in the central courtyard
of the Palace Ensemble.
Entrance 2 BYN


The National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve «Niasvizh» and MuzzicDom are inviting everyone to a fair festival, which will take you back to the 1920—1930s. People are flocking from far and wide to buy-sell-walk-see. The noise of hum, music, entertainments and dances. And so it will be on September 14 and 15 in the Radziwill Castle!

GRAND KIRMASH will offer:
  • Meeting with the owner of the palace, Prince Albrecht Radziwill, and his daughter Elżbieta;
  • Masters from all over Belarus will present ceramics, articles made of straw and twigs, wooden, woven products and even metal ones — casting and forging, and many, many things for life and well-being;
  • Farmers and gastro-enthusiasts with fresh homemade bread, lard, snails, vegetables, unusual marinades, fragrant pumpkin soups, dried plums, herbal teas, cheeses, pastille, and other sweets for adults and kids;
  • Retro-ethno-exclusives from Mr. Marian Yanushkevich and legal smuggling of drinks from local and American bootleggers;
  • Workshops, auctions, games and entertainments;
  • Erudite dogs and atmospheric retro-photo zones;
  • The Smuggler’s Quest;
  • Musical program from the chief of GRAND KIRMASH Viktar Shalkevich and his klezmer-jazz band;
  • Dress code in the style of the 1920—1930s is welcome!

September 14 — 15 / 11:00 — 18:00 / Palace Ensemble in Niasvizh

  • 2 BYN;— entrance to the fair
  • 16 BYN;— entrance to the fair and the exposition
  • 30 BYN;— entrance to the fair and exposition, participation in the quest, and refreshments
 For further information please call: 8 (029) 551-80-51, 8 (029) 190-31-49

Photos from the last year’s event::