Karina Ginko's art exhibition — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

Karina Ginko's art exhibition

Karina Ginko's art exhibition

From May 21 to October 04, the town entrance Slutsk Gatehouse

architectural heritage site

will house

Karina Ginko's art exhibition.


Karina Ginko, nicknamed HOSCIECHKA, is a Belarusian travel blogger, designer and PR manager. The girl operates her own blog, where she informs her subscribers about little-known architectural sites in Belarus and reveals the secrets of history telling them about the heritage sites. During a year and a half, Karina visited 300 places, and saw more than 500 architectural heritage sites, covering a distance of more than 40,000 kilometers.

Initially, Karina traveled to the regions featuring churches with a long history. After a while, she began photographing old estates, palaces, and, later, churches and synagogues. With each new photo, the girl told on Instagram a previously unknown story associated with every place she visited.

The monuments that HOSCIECHKA sees during her trips are sometimes in a poor condition. Over the years, they gradually vanish from the country's cultural space. The exhibition titled HOSCIECHKA: Entrance to the Travel Dimension was created to preserve the memory about those unique Belarusian heritage sites and draw attention to their exceptional value.

We invite you to visit this travel space together with HOSCIECHKA.