The Exhibition “The Wonders of Ancient Civilizations” — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

The Exhibition “The Wonders of Ancient Civilizations”

14.06.2019 — 15.01.2020 the big exhibition hall of the Palace ensemble will house an Exhibition «The Wonders of Ancient Civilizations»


The Exhibition «The Wonders of Ancient Civilizations» It seems that interest in Antiquity never faded away. The origins of modern culture are found in the history of ancient civilizations, which also was a source of inspiration for the creation of new masterpieces. This theme was familiar to many owners of the Niasvizh Castle. The Radziwills were interested in the works of ancient philosophers and historians, collected ancient jewelry and coins, and studied Greek and Latin. During travel, representatives of the family could see the Egyptian pyramids, places described in the Bible, and ancient Roman monuments.

Today, visitors of the Niasvizh Palace can see art pieces of ancient civilizations: Sumerian, Egyptian, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman, artifacts of early Christianity, as well as trace the influence of Antiquity on later historical periods.

At the exhibition, there are also original books from the Niasvizh Radziwills’ collection provided by the National Library of Belarus, as well as originals and copies of ancient artifacts from a private collection. Information about the objects (origin, name, date) is provided by the owner of the collection.

 Tickets: — 2 BYN (pupils and students — 1BYN) 

Information: +375177020602, МТС +375295518051