The solo exhibition "Business first, pleasure afterwards" — museum-reserve «Nesvizh»

The solo exhibition "Business first, pleasure afterwards"

From February 2 through March 25, 2019, the solo exhibition ‘Business first, pleasure afterwards’ of the Viciebsk based artist Natallia Kankova is on view at the Ticket Office of the Museum-Reserve «Niasvizh».


Наталья Конькова

The exhibition combines the motives of the traditional Belarusian paper cutting (‘vycinanka’) and its modern variations, e.g. in the watch collection called ‘The Time of the Slavs’.

The concept of the Tree of Life is one of the most typical of the Belarusian masters. It is often depicted with many birds on the branches and has a symbolic and even magical meaning. In most of the works, the birds symbolize good and happiness.

The exhibition is inspired by ‘The Book Called Ordainer: a New Rule and Establishment of Order for the Falconer’s Way’ with the notes by Tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich Romanov [1656].


  • Born in 1979 in Viciebsk. Member of the Belarusian Union of Folk Art Masters (2014). Since early childhood, she has been committed to art and creativity.

  • Natallia KANKOVA is a master of the traditional Belarusian art of «vycinanka». She also works in painting, artistic textiles, interior design, graphics, and illustration. She is a teacher at the art studio «AZ-art» (2012)..

  • Her first exhibition was held in 2014 at the Museum-Estate of Ilya Repin «Zdrauniova» near Viciebsk. Later on she took part in various national and international exhibitions and symposia.

  • She is the author of the interactive exhibition ‘Winter Custody’. Her works are kept in state and private collections in Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, and other countries.

Free Admission

 Detailed information: +375177020602, МТС +375295518051